What we can truly “do” is commit to the lifelong work of racial justice and healing, starting with our own hearts and minds. Crossroads Church is committed to racial justice and to growth as life-long anti-racist and reconciling people. We see this commitment at the core of being followers of Jesus and core to our mission priority of making life better for everyone. 


In Jesus we see a God who experiences anger at the evil in our world, who establishes justice and righteousness, and who works on behalf of the oppressed. We also see in Jesus a God who listens intently, grieves deeply, and weeps. As apprentices of Jesus, we aim to follow his example.

In a commitment to be a part of the solution, we have determined some actionable first steps for Crossroads to take.  We understand these actions are only a starting point, and our commitment must, and will be, ongoing.  We invite you to join us in the pursuit of racial justice. 

1.  PRAY

  • For Jesus to help you search your own heart and reveal needed transformations. 
  • For the healing and safety of people of color. 
  • For the church to preach ad live out the gospel in truth. 
  • For real change in our nation. 


3.  ACT

  • Join the Crossroads Open Conversation on Race
  • Watch Pastor Charles' Video
  • Spend time in an ethnically different setting than your own.  Consider eating at a restaurant, shopping at a store or visiting a park.