The Gathered & Scattered Church

On March 13th, we received a message that JO Combs School District decided to close all facility rentals, which included CTA, where we gather for Sunday worship.  This closing will hold until they notify us otherwise. 


We are committed to the spiritual and emotional health and well-being of our Crossroads community, while carrying a heighten awareness of the vulnerable that surround us in our very own church, extended families, and neighborhoods,.  We believe it is important to honor the boundaries and best practices put before us at this time by following the recommendations from our state and federal officials.

That being true, remaining connected in appropriate ways can continue to fuel our ability to look for God’s movement around us. We will continue to look for ways for Crossroads Church to stay connected in the weeks to come, to share resources, and support those in our relational orbit as needed. The leadership of Crossroads is processing information and our response in real time (daily, if not hourly). Here are four shifts designed to honor our community, slow the spread of COVID-19 and promote spiritual, emotional well-being. These shifts constitute a plan from now until further notice.


During this time, we are NOT gathering at CTA for worship experiences. Instead, we will broadcast worship services online with music, teaching, announcements and prayer at 9:15am. Join us on Facebook Live or our Crossroads Youtube Channel

Connect with your church family online in your own home—either by yourself or with a missional community of family, friends, neighbors. Until the school closure is lifted, “Church” will be in sacred spaces called homes throughout San Tan Valley and beyond.


 The live streamed experience will be designed to fit better for home church. If you can’t participate during the live experience, service times will be recorded on Facebook and our Crossroads-San Tan Valley Youtube channel.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

As for Missional Communities and in-home groups, please follow the recommended guidelines that groups of no more than 10 people gather. Listen to the infections disease experts: If you’re sick, don’t go. If you’ve been around someone who is sick, don’t go. If you are senior in age, stay home and worship with whomever you already see daily. When meeting in person be mindful of social distancing space. Finally, do like mother always said, “Wash your hands!” routinely.                                                                                                                                


We are especially concerned for our ministry partners at Hope Women's Center. We are also looking for opportunities to care for seniors and homebound. We are building a system and volunteer teams for grocery shopping and delivery services. We know you want to help; so, sign up to join our COVID-19 Volunteer Team


Watch Facebook, your email and our website for weekly spiritual guidance.  These posts will be focused on scripture and spiritual practice that promotes inner peace balanced with compassionate service.  Posts will be shareable and relevant for all people regardless of faith experience or tradition. Staff is working to provide us with devotions, sacred reading and social engagement. These tools will be available for social media or email sharing to help us be salt and light in our communities and the world. 


What is the main reason church leaders freak out about not gathering?  A large proportion of our resources come in during church services! In our church, 40% of our income is given in-person during the offering time. We won’t be able to care for our church family and extend that care into the community unless we give regularly and generously during this time.                                                                                                                                                                                  

If you regularly give during church services,  

please consider these others ways of giving. 

  • Give Online - Give online through our secured website. GIVE NOW
  • Text-To-Give - Text the word “Give” to (855) 636-7156. 
  • Mail-InMail your gift to: 530 E. Hunt Hwy Suite 103-447 San Tan Valley, AZ 85143